Solar panels; Regulators; Batteries; Brackets; Cable; Inverters; Connectors

Key Pads, PC Boards, Panic Panels, Paradox, IDS...

Cable, Energizers, Bobbins, Earth pegs, Enclosures...

Intercomms, Gate Stations, Hand sets, Video screens...

ET, Centurion

ET, Centurion

Centurion, ET

Linear Vantage 400 & 500

ET, Centurion, DTS, IDS, Sherlo

Power supplies, Batteries:- Remote, 3v, 9v, 12v:- 1.3Ah, 7.5Ah...

Intercomms Gate Stations Video Handsets

Comms, HD cable, 4, 6, 8, 12 Core, Rip Core, RG59..

Dash cams, Trial Cameras, WiFi live to your cell, laptop or tablet

Bullet, Dome: Cameras, Hard Drives, Screens, DVRs...

Electrical, Striker locks, Pad locks,Cisa, ISEO

Door Closers

Key or Remote safe for B&B's, Household, Cleaners, Gardeners or how about for your security company to be able to enter your premises (yard).

Car Trackers, Watch GPS

Pepper Spray for cyclist, joggers, hikers and personal, Air Guns CO2, Compound bows, Tasers, Torches, Police batons, Pepper balls, Riot balls and much more